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Jagubo Ham, Bread and Tomato 26,00€
Our Foie Ingot with Red Fruit Gelatin and Pedro Ximénez Reduction 19.00
Anchovies from the Bay of Biscay, Tartar of Tomato and Carasau Bread 23.00
Crispy Aubergine Sticks, Truffle Honey and Cream of Goat Cheese 15.00
Honeyed Mussel Croquettes with Vegetables in Tempura and Salsa Brava 16,00€
Small Cuttlefish in Batter and Citric Fruit Aioli 18.00
Warm Cream of Pumpkin and Crispy Mozzarella Pearls 12,00€
Our Warm Country Salad and Tuna Carpaccio with Egg Cooked at Low Temperature 16.00
Coal Grilled Garden Vegetables with Picual Oil Dressing 15.00
Sea of Squid and Land of Beef Meatballs and Artichokes 20.00


Mediterranean Tuna Tataki and Marmitako Sauce 26.00€
Baked Hake with Apple in Cider and Hake Cheeks in Green Sauce 23.00€
Roasted Cod Taco with Traditional Brandade and Truffled Potatoes 25.00€
Lobster with Little Vegetables in Thai Noodle Style 30.00€


Twice Cooked Low Temperature Gigot of Lamb, Mushrooms and Potatoes 20,00€
Our Beef Sirloin Wellington, Carrots, Portobello Mushrooms and Asparagus 29.00€
Yearling Sirloin with Red Onion Preserve, Goat Cheese, and Port Sauce 26.00€
Steak Tartar, Anchovy and Pickle Dressing and Carasau Bread 24.00€
Textured  Free-range Chicken with Kaffir Lime and Guacamole 22.00€



Lemon Cake Sensations 7.00€
Milanese Milk Surprise 8.00€
Pink Panther Invention 7.00€
Warm Brownie with White Choco Ice Cream 7.00€
Citrus Fruits from the East and West 8.00€
Our Tiramisu Madness 7.00€
The Apple Declination 7.00€
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